Peak Custom Tours for Groups

Custom Tours for Groups

We would like to help you plan a custom tour of our region. Here are some suggestions for companies, organizations, and professional societies.

We offer many resources to help your group. Activities like team planning, decision-making, and problem solving often benefit from an offsite perspective and outside support. Our team partners with yours to design and deliver a retreat experience that works with your interests, needs, and outcomes. These could be clarifying future actions, discovering solutions to tough problems, assessing action on new opportunities, or simply building team spirit through a “getaway” experience.

We offer guides and facilitators who are experts in history, architecture, and the arts to help you plan and enjoy your visit to this historic region. Email us at to discuss your tour interests and goals.

Team Leadership and Individual Performance Training
We can also help your organization develop skills. We do this with content-based training sessions, tailored to your specific goals. You can opt to develop your leaders, bolster your teams, and increase the performance of each individual through sessions like these:

  • Playing from Strengths. Apply Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment to increase workplace engagement by leveraging your people’s natural talents and strengths on the job.
  • Working Across Stylistic Differences. The DISC assessment provides critical insight into our individual preferences and how we can work most effectively with others of different operational styles.
  • Creating Engaging Workplaces. Explore the elements that drive engagement in the workplace and develop strategies for building these in your workplace culture.
  • Tapping the Power of Creativity. Discover the creativity in each of us to thrive in a rapidly changing world.
  • Performance Coaching. Explore the skill set associated with of one of the most critical yet challenging roles of a positional leader — developing the talent of your people through performance coaching and feedback.

Additional training topics include: Change and Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Communication Effectiveness, and Maximizing Productivity, among others.

Experiential Learning Adventures
These are highly interactive, experience-based sessions that offer learning through adventures in leadership, teaming, and organizational process. Programming frameworks such as team-based Scavenger Hunts, Photo Safaris, Design/Build/Play Mini Golf Invitational, Escape Rooms, Historical Perspectives Tours, and Outdoor Adventures offer immersive experiences built around your specific interests, needs, and outcomes.

These sessions raise team and leadership insights through true-to-life interactions, tapping into real experience, and linking back to the dynamics of the current workplace environment. These insights and learned lessons feed planning that enhances of organizational processes.

Achieve Your Maximum Potential
This workshop helps professionals expand their leadership and mentoring skills by using assessment tools. Some of these include the Leadership Practices Inventory, use of 360 degree assessments for leadership development purposes, the Bar-On EQ-I emotional intelligence tool, and The Leadership Challenge Workshop.

CATF Leadership Training Workshops
The Contemporary American Theater Festival utilizes theatrical exercises to highlight and enhance communication, leadership, and group dynamics in the workplace. These corporate workshops leverage theatrical skills to enhance leadership and business management styles. Work with our team of talented artists to unearth your inner actor with improvisational exercises and enrich your professional career.

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